It’s not about promising more. It’s about delivering more.

Between surfing websites, scavenging the classifieds and worrying every contact on your social network— finding the right job can often be a frustrating and overwhelming task. At Ghost RX, not only do we get your resume in front of a hiring manager, but we also take time to get to know you, your skill set, and your career goals, so we can help you find your ideal career opportunity.

Ghost RX offers a unique opportunity for those who love to travel and explore interesting new cultures. Many of our assignment locations are best described as an outdoor recreational paradise. If you’re looking for a change and a little adventure, consider working with Ghost RX. Our flexible scheduling allows you to plan your work around your life, instead of the other way around.


  • You need a current valid medical license from any state to work at IHS or VA medical facilities. (California facilities requires a California license).
  • Healthcare professionals with IHS or VA experience preferred. If you don’t have prior IHS or VA experience, we will orient you prior to your first assignment.


Talking about us

  • I started working at Ghost while I had a full time job at Kaiser. I had a week of vacation time and spent it working on a Navajo reservation in Arizona through Ghost. I had always been interested in working for the Indian Health Service but didn't want to take a pay cut or have to sign up for two weeks. I enjoyed the IHS model where pharmacists fill prescriptions from the patient chart and have more input for dosing and therapy. Every patient is given a pharmacist consult and there is time and privacy for the consultations. I added a week of vacation to the end of my week in Arizona and visited Canyon de Chelly. I've since come to work for Ghost full time. It's a lifestyle for me. I plan my vacation and fill in work around my life. I'll usually visit national parks and other area attractions on days off. If you like to travel and want to get the feel of an area, it's a great way to see the culture up close without a long term commitment.  
    Diane T. Pharma D
  • My friend introduced me to the Ghost - I was excited to make some money and go travel in Europe the summer I graduated from pharmacy school. I only planned to stay for the summer, but have been with them for 5 years now! I love the flexibility, pay and opportunity to gain clinical experience in various settings, Management is very supportive of my personal goals; they try to get contracts at sites I like. I have been able to start & finish my external PharmD and travel to over 25 countries while working when I wish to.
    Chen Yen Pharma D
  • Every request is handled in a timely manner. Ghost has truly made the effort to consistently meet our needs. We find them to be a great partner!
    Linda Human Resources