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What are Travel Nurse Earnings?

Explore competitive salaries for Travel Nurses with diverse placements enhancing your earning potential substantially.

Comprehensive PTO

Enjoy ample Paid Time Off. Rest, recharge, and pursue personal passions with our generous leave policies.

Retirement Plans

Secure your future with our 401k or Simple IRA options, fostering financial growth alongside your career.

Healthcare Coverage

Benefit from extensive Medical, Dental, and Vision plans, ensuring your health is protected in every way.

Advantages and Benefits

Retirement Savings

Build your nest egg with our tailored 401K/Simple IRA plans, designed for optimal growth and security.

Generous PTO

Maximize work-life balance with our generous Paid Time Off policy, supporting your personal wellbeing.

Holiday Pay

Enjoy all federal holidays with pay, allowing you to celebrate and spend time with loved ones worry-free.

Travel & Lodging

Receive compensation for travel and lodging on assignments, making every work location feel like home.

Top Compensation

Our competitive salaries reflect the importance of your role, with rewards matching your expertise.

Recruiter Support

Direct contact with recruiters ensures personalized support, guiding your career path every step of the way.

Veteran Partnerships

Work alongside veterans with pride, contributing to meaningful services in Indian Health and VA programs.

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