Voices of Success and Partnership.

I had the pleasure of working for 8 months for this agency and it was my best working experience. They are very attentive to employees concerns and they pay very well. I would work for this company any time. Mike my recruiter is the best. I love GHOST RX.

Ryon Rawlins

I had the pleasure of working with this company for a couple contracts . I would definitely work for them again. My recruiter was attentive to my needs and always with a rapid reply for any questions that I had. I like taking care of veterans and working for the federal government was my absolute favorite contract. This company is a travel Nurse’s dream employer!!!’

Regina Niccum

Been with this company almost three years! They are very supportive and stand behind their nurses. Very happy and proud to be with this agency. Moreover, have achieved many personal goals as as result of these contracts! Thanks to the whole team and especially Tom!

Alexander Brian

Great company! Tom is an awesome recruiter, has worked really hard to make sure I am taken care of and happy with my assignment. He is knowledgeable, honest, and reliable. Not one of those recruiters that disappears once the paperwork is signed. He works really hard to make sure you get the best possible contract. They also made the Federal credentialing process seamless. Highly recommend this company if you are considering starting travel contracts!

Danielle Devenney

Amazing company, pleasure to work for. Not many health care companies treat their nursing personnel like humans these days “not like you’re just a body “ Not GhostRx they treat their employees awesome pleasure to work for them.
Pros : Good opportunity.
Cons : They don’t have any.

Grace Kpogo


Very supportive management. I worked as a contract employee and was given the opportunity of choosing from several locations. Compensation was competitive in comparison to other contract opportunities. Management and credentialing were prompt and helpful.

Olga Krasonovic

Registered Nurse ICU/ER

My experience working with Ghost RX was a really good professional experience as a nurse. The recruiters walk you step by step through the process. The staff is readily available for questions. There was no stress with Ghost RX. I applied with them for a contract with the VA. The process for getting into the VA even though the agency was extremely strenuous and frustrating; however my recruiter with Ghost was very helpful and walked me through the entire process step by step. Very helpful. They try to empower you and set you up for success. I worked in the VA vaccination clinic the majority of the time I was at the VA. My day was from 8AM to 4:30PM.

Ginger Prince

Registered Nurse Float

Would work here again!
Pros: Crisis compensation was unbeatable. My recruiter was supportive and remained available for questions and concerns throughout the duration of my contract. PTO and health stipends were generous.
Cons: Agencies like this are relied upon by facilities that can’t retain enough competent staff on their own payroll; all of the non-Ghostly employees I worked with were pretty burnt out. Multiple staff contracts were ended rather abruptly by the facility due to cost.

Daniel Jones

Nursing Assistant